Future Cars 2020: Renault’s Trezor Green Technology Car

Trezor an electric supercar by Renault has been recently announced the most beautiful concept car in the world. The declaration was made in Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este, a famous competition of automobiles in Italy. Companies around the world are working on automobiles of future, like Audi’s Truck of Future, Rolls Royce vision 100 Supercar etc. Renaults future cars in India or around the world will be based on electrical technology.

Trezor is the glimpse of Renault’s future concept cars with unbelievable technology and styling to be used in future. The two seater coupe depicts the Renault’s passion and vision for the future mobility. The concept car was also nominated as Concept Car of The year 2016 at Geneva Motor Show.

Let’s have a look on supercar:

  • It gets it power from two batteries. One is provided at the rear and other at front of the car. This arrangement makes the distribution of the load equal. The batteries do have their individual cooling system.
  • The bonnet of the car has unique honeycombed air vents for the cooling. They move along with the flow of air up and down, thereby giving the impression of breathing by vehicle.

  • The driver’s side has an analogue gauge, replacing the fuel flap. It indicated the level of battery charge in the vehicle.
  • The rear of the car is equipped with fibre optic red laser signature light.
  • The supercar develops power of 260 KW which is equivalent to 350 HP.
  • It generates torque of 380 Nm.

  • The massive power makes it to attain 0-62 mph within four seconds.
  • It is equipped with technology that recovers energy during braking. The technology is known as Rechargeable Energy Storage System (RESS).
  • It also has a storage compartment available at the front side, where one can keep their luggage.
  • The interior of the Trezor is an example of amazing blend of technology, craftsmanship of leather and wood.
  • The wooden dashboard with amazing work of craftsmanship has L-shaped display with tactile sensor technology.
  • The car asks the passenger to place their phones in special slots provided underneath the armrest. It then synchronizes with vehicle and welcomes you.
  • It is designed with three modes for driving: autonomous, sport and neutral.
  • While running on autonomous mode, the rear and side lights of the vehicle glows up, thereby making others to know that it is on self-driving mode.
  • In autonomous mode steering wheel also expands, thereby making the driver to have a look on panoramic screen on the dashboard.

Renault is aiming to make autonomous system available by 2020. The company is confident enough to bring autonomous driver vehicle available at that time in affordable price.

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Length 4.7 meters
Height 1.08 meters
Wheel Base 2776 mm
Front Track Width 2048 mm
Rear Track Width 2106 mm
Body 100 % Carbon
Window 100 % Carbon
Touchscreen Display

OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode)

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