Yamaha Motoroid: Bike with Artificial Intelligence

Yamaha the leading name in the world of motorbikes has showcased their future bike concept. The concept bike Motoroid was showcased in Tokyo Motor show 2017 is Yamaha new release bike. The beautiful machine by motorcycle giant is equipped with artificial intelligence technology, showing the artificial intelligence beginning and capabilities. This pure electric driven bike is better to say a multi functioning machine rather than a bike. The motoroid does not hit any obstacle that comes on its way and runs at its own utilizing the AI and makes it different from other Yamaha road motorcycles.

The noticeable techniques introduced in Motoroid are face recognition, self-balancing and understanding the human gestures. The bike starts after recognizing the face of its owner through face recognition technique. It further moves as per the gestures of its owner, this feature makes Motoroid different from other machines around the world in the same segment.

Yamaha is planning to use this technology in their upcoming machines. The seat geometry of the bike in itself is unique and has a thin pad along with back and chest support system. The backrest is equipped with rear sensor that provides haptic feedback. The feedback creates a better experience between rider and the bike. The handlebars are designed on the race bike design concept with downward pointing of palm grips. The mudguards of the bike are made of carbon fibre.

The length of bike is 2060 mm and 1090 mm high. The bike is quite slim in design as compared to other standard bikes by 600 mm. It is designed as a single seat model, weighing about 213 kilogram. It is so designed that Yamha can try different body panels for creating complete motorcycle from Motoroid whenever desired in coming years.

Motoroid is a compete glimpse of its design philosophy Kando. Kando in Japanese means feeling of intense excitement and deep satisfaction simultaneously, which is felt when someone comes across something with exceptional value.


Length 2060 mm
Width 600 mm
Height 1090 mm
Weight 213 Kg
Seating Capacity 01
Motor Type Rear Wheel Hub Motor
Battery Lithium Ion

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