Purple Bread: Next Superfood For Diet Plan

White bread is under attack by food experts and researchers for the past 10 years. As per experts of nutrition white bread gets digested quickly by the body, it raises level of blood sugar and is responsible for obesity. If not wrong it is an enemy for health conscious people and is all about the bread.

What’s the alternative to bread? Professor Zhou of Singapore National University gives answer to this question as “Purple Bread”.

This purple bread is the invention of Professor Zhou. This bread is digested at a slow rate by body, almost 20% slower as compared to white one. It is full antioxidants, which fights cancer. The bread is made of natural compounds only and could be said as world’s first Baked Super food.

The Baked Superfood

The problem with white bread is that it is indexed high in glycemic level, blood stream takes its sugar content speedily, resulting in shooting of blood sugar level in the body. People eat more than that they should because its starch content are digested quickly by the body.

Professor Zhou took the challenge of changing the formula of bread, maintaining the lovely smooth white bread texture, which actually people love the most.

The anthocyanins, extract from the forbidden black rice came as a solution to it. Old people know that black rice recipes are healthy and was used to make low fat rice dishes, this content actually gives the grain its amazing antioxidants properties. It was infused into the bread by Zhou and during the process starch of the rice was left behind which is one of the major causes of diabetes.

The infusion of anthocyanins for the preparation of bread has given purple wheat flour its unique purple colour. The chemical reaction of it with enzymes of starch slows down the process of digestion in the body by 20%.

The most interesting fact is that bread crust and crumbs preserves more than 80% antioxidant qualities even when baked at 200 degree Celsius.

The Miraculous Purple Colour

The purple fruits and vegetables like grapes, blueberries contain anthocyanin, it is this content that gives them a vibrant purple colour.

Research has shown that in cardiovascular, neurological problems and in various cancers, anthocyanin can help preventing them. It also shows good results in controlling diabetes and obesity and diseases caused by obesity and being overweight by inhibiting the digestive enzymes and reduce level of glucose.

Calorie on Count

What about the calorie content of this purple bread? Zhou said no doubt we will eat same amount of wheat flour and starch, thus same nutritional values. The key idea is the slowdown of energy release process; therefore body uses those calories over a longer time period. The purple bread is not commercially available yet, but Zhou is very excited and says it could be the next on top among all superfoods and be the part of your superfood diet plan and for the World.

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