World’s First Gem Producing Air Purifier

 What will be your reaction to know that a Tower can produce wearable from dirty smoke??? Ohh really!!! Not Possible!! Stop kidding!!! , But it is true. A leading Dutch designer has invented this revolutionary tower. This tower is an air purifier, but with a difference than others from this category. The dirty smog contains millions of suspended particles; this tower converts these particles into gem.

Bob Ursem ( Nano particle expert, TU Delft) & Daan Roosegaarde (Dutch Designer) are the men behind this invention. This smog cleaning tower has been erected in Rotterdam (Netherlands). It is a 7 meter high tower which sucks air like a giant vacuum cleaner and is capable of turning smog into gem, each of which is equivalent of 1000 cubic meters of air. It works on ion technology, which filters the smog first and returns the smog free air in the form of bubbles from the vents provided in the tower. It can purify about 30,000 cubic meters of air in just 1 hour. In this whole process it consumes very less energy, lesser than a water boiler.

How it works
The smog free tower is charged with small positive current, the air gets positively charged ion through an electrode. These ion sticks to the dust particles present in the air. A counter electrode which actually is a negatively charged electrode then draws in the positively charged ions along with dust particles. The ultra-fine dust particles along with charged ions are then collected in the tower, which normally are difficult to capture with normal purifiers.
Aerial View of Smog Filter

The tiny carbon particles are then condensed, compressed and then it is sealed in the cubes of resin to create tiny gems. These gems can further be used in modern jewellery and ornaments like rings, earrings, necklaces etc. It is estimated that this tower will be able to produce about over 3500 cubes in a day, in very areas with severely polluted air.

The countries like Netherland and other Western European enjoys very good quality of air, therefore it is not these countries or cities which are in urgent need of theses filters. This invention can be a great help in the countries which are suffering from severe air pollution like China, Malaysia, BRICS country and the countries of third world which are developing rapidly. The cost of this tower has not been declared yet by Roosegaarde and Ursem but an approximate cost of filters developed for this tower is somewhat between Euro 1600 to 118000. The tests are performed on outdoor and indoor air shows that outdoor air has become cleaner by 60% and indoor by 70%.
About the motive behind this project, Roosegaarde says, is to “make smog more tangible to people.” It is not designed to be an overall solution to the problem of smog, but to provide a “sensory experience” of a potential clean-air future.

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