Dear friends welcome to my blog, and thanks for being on “infodrishti”. This blog has been created and managed by Pankaj Sharma, I am a person who loves to gather information about latest happenings in the field of technology, loves to visit different places and loves to share it with others. My passion has motivated me to start this blog, which aims at sharing information from different areas, which the people will find something that tastes different. The information shared right now is from the following fields:

  • Travel
  • Health
  • Technology

It was started in August, 2016 and within a short span of time with the love of my visitors it has got the tremendous response. I am thankful to all my visitors, followers for their support and valuable suggestions. The information shared here is meant to make people aware of innovations, advanced technologies of future and present which are not very well known to people, place around the world which are unique and one would love to know about their uniqueness, food and nutrition research, hidden benefits of natural products etc.

Your valuable suggestions are always welcome.